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Dream Job Scribbles - student project

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Hi, I’ Bianca and am looking onward to this class! I a hard time completing this (sounds silly I know) because it’s only recently that I’ve begun forming an idea of what my dream job is. I’m an artist (Illustrator) at heart, but because of some hardships during my college years my main jobs were in the service industry and eventually administration. Spoiler alert: I was miserable doing both. For a long time I’ve felt like i was raveling down the wrong path and had an epiphany last year that it was now or never.( I was on an 10 year hiatus before I began creating again last year.) My last day as a Sales Admin was in March 2020- the same time that COVID hit so I’ve been using this unemployment period to work as a freelance Illustrator and figure out what it is I want to do with life (in terms of a career). 

I completely understand that Design is Different from Art, but I just wanted to share what I’m switching from.  I have no idea if it’ll work out or if UX will be a fit, but I’ve done a lot of reading on UX/UI and I keep coming back to it. I’m really drawn to the creative and challenging aspects of UX/ UI and have aa genuine passion for connecting with and helping people. 

Bianca Moscia
Illustrator / Graphic Designer