Dream Illustration career

Dream Illustration career - student project

1. Pinterest board

Here is the link to my Pinterest board: https://pin.it/1Q3j2hl

Dream Illustration career - image 1 - student project

I started to pin some images that reflect my dream studio space. My goal is to work from home but have my own light space with a lot of art supply and an iMac :) 

After that I added some travel images from Dubai, Spain and Italy. I'm not a travel person but I would love to have the financial freedom to be able to travel once a year with my family and explore different countries and cultures. 

Next is images of one of my biggest inspirations - Fika :) I love to illustrate different types of Swedish sweets and this is something that I also would love to work with. Maybe illustrate for Swedish baking books and food magazines. 

Included in this board are also some of my illustrations and patterns. I would also like to dive into art licensing and see my products on cards, gift wrap and kids apparel etc. 

Lastly three images of Swedish summer. I would love to be able to buy a small house here in Sweden where we can spend our summers. Swedish nature is also a big inspiration for my work. 

To sum up I want my illustration and design work to support my family financially but also allow me to spend more time with them and not work too many hours every week. 


2. Chart - Open a shop with my posters (POD)


Next month my goal is to finally open a shop where I can sell my illustrations as posters and on other products in the future, through Print on demand. 

Dream Illustration career - image 2 - student project


Aminah Eleonora
Drawing and eating fika like a Swede