Dream Database

Dream Database - student project

I've been working on going back through my old journals and finding wherever I've written down a dream, and transcribing it into a word document. However, it's very hard to work with or find dreams or trace the imagery like this. So I've decided to create an Airtable document, where I can categorise the dreams into their types, and add tags for themes, images, people, locations etc. It makes the dreams more immediately accessible when I don't have to scroll through a mass of words, but also, as an artist it's really useful for me to be able to see what imagery recurs and how it develops over time.

It's a while since I watched the instruction video, so I might need to go over it again to work out clever ways I can link sections up. I've added tabs for tasks to do with this project in general, and also where I've found things I've written about my dreams in general but not related to any specific dreams.

My main priority now is to enter all the dreams into my database - the document is over 50 pages long, and I'm about half way there with that. From there I will work out a clearer plan for categories and tags. (And then those are only the dreams I've transcribed, there are over 100 notebooks I haven't read back through, but once I have a system in place, I have as much time as I like to transcribe them according to that system!)