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Dream Dancing

This class has meant a lot to me in the few weeks since I started painting my dreams. I was looking for instructions in how to paint, since that's my weakest art form. Now I have great encouragement, lots of subjects, and I love the notion of focusing on a symbol, abstract. I now realize I frequently dream of dancing and it feels so good. Blue is a frequent hue in my dreams, cool and peaceful. Theater or actigin and drama come up often, probably because I teach and direct children's theater. I'm going to keep recording and painting or drawing my dreams. I posted some in my Sketchbook 1 class projects, too. 

ROLLING STONES GARDEN - The band helped me plant a small raised bed with blue-purple flowers. Jone kept remarking what rich soil I have. I saw a big bush with white flowers. Keith said we should smoke a flower. He held his Bic lighter beneathe one. The aroma gave me the most peaceful feeling!


DAD'S THEATER DRUM - Actors entered and exited through a thick door in a grey shingled wall, their set or backdrop. Dad came in the audience door stage left, grabbed a huge drum and ran behind the audience ready to play and make a distraction from the stage. I wanted to stop him from disrupting their performance. 


YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT WITH THESE TWO - A voice told me that when I saw the trunks of 2 parallel pine trees. I began to consider how I could use them, many ways. In a naturalist class I am taking for real in my awake life, the instructor referred to pines a pillars. Now I ponder what or who are these pillars, how do they relate to me?


DANCING FOR DEATH - The Vet said my old rescue dog has tumors and they will continue to bleed through her nose. She's a 13 year old German Shepherd I've had 2 years from the shelter so I am happy she's well except for this annoyance, and I knew she would have only a little time with me when I adopted her. That night my 1st dream was me joining others in a circle dance in a forest or field. I wore a blue midieval gown that flowed in back. Peaceful and celebrating the dog's life with community.


SWEET JANE SPIRALS IN THE SKY - The next night I saw a white spiral in the sky like a cloud with broad brush strokes. I knew it was my old dog, Sweet Jane (her previous owner named her), when she dies. Spirals are powerful symbols, and those who paint or draw them get something from that action. It felt very meditation-like to paint spirals over and over trying to get the painting to look like my dream. I don't have the image right yet, but it felt good making spirals over spirals. 



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