Dream Career plan, values, notes, and ideas

My project isn't exactly what was called for and not particularly creative.  It is a mixture of notes I took on the class and ideas that occurred to me as I watched it.  I hope this is helpful for others who also might not follow the instructions exactly and show that however you get something out of a class is perfectly fine :)


  • stay true to values
  • helping people
  • help the environment
  • never settle
  • feel that where I work has an organizational culture of support 
  • organization does good in the world and has integrity, fights for the underdogs
  • always push myself to learn, grow and work on issues
  • have time for other hobbies and things that are important in my personal life (dogs)
  • feel positive and excited about work every day
  • flexibility to change things up - schedules, projects, people, location
  • ability to work remotely at times
  • good money, don't have to worry financially or ever feel that I am being jipped
  • feel that I am paid what I am worth
  • can make decisions for myself, autonomy and independence

Creative Director

  • Work / life balance
  • meeting new people
  • engaging with passionate and inspired people
  • building community programs and resources
  • ability to combine multiple interests and hobbies
  • learning new things and growing personally

Career Goals

  • write a book
  • become more confident in myself personally and professionally
  • work internationally
  • make a difference in others' lives and for the planet
  • be in a supervisor/manager/director role
  • have balance in my life and not feel overworked
  • enjoy what i do 


  • Collaborate with like minded people
  • update my social media and the way I present myself to be in alignment with my values, skills, and who I am and want to be professionally
  • let people in on the reality of the process, be humble, talk about setbacks and how I get through them