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Dream Big then Work Hard

This project is one that I have tried to begin off and on for over a year! When I realized that a year had gone by since I had purchased this class I realized I would have had a year of lettering under my belt if I had just gotten started. My biggest struggle was picking a quote which is kind of silly. I just wanted it to be meaningful if I was going to spend a ton of time on it. I have decided to just get going and work on my lettering and not worry so much about the message because the purpose is to grow my skillset and not make a work of art. I know that as I get better at lettering I can start to make designs that are more meaningful as I go along. 

So for my first lettering project going along with Mary Kate's method I chose the words: Dream Big then Work Hard. 

I have spent the last year dreaming about incorporating more hand drawn elements into my work and now it is time to work at it.


Here is my list of words I am associating with my project.

I went to my local library and picked up a couple antique tin collection books. Here are a few images that I used for inspiration: 

As I move through this project I plan to look at Pinterest for some more type styles and layout arrangements.


I have begun drawing out one word from my phrase using the variety of styles highlighted in class. I picked out the word DREAM and in some cases included the word BIG. I am excited to see how this project will come together. Here are my initial sketches: 

I really like this last one, almost enough that I might make it it's own stand alone piece.


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