Keorattana Luangrath

Art Direction / Graphic Designer



Drawn - Portrait Series

Series Title:


My background:

I am an art director in Sydney and have been continually inspired by my peers here in Sydney and the type of work they create. Last year I started to take my photography more seriously, most recently my trip to NYC/LA where I focused my photography on the people that inhabit these cities. It was an on the fly shooting experience and I would like to mature into doing portrait photography in a set environment, focusing on the subject more intimately. I'd like to tell the story of how these people create in a portrait. 


I like this playful moment of Jim Carrey's character drawing on top of himself in the mirror in the Truman Show.


The shoot is a series of portraits (7-10 people) that aim provide an insight into the mind of a creative (designer/artist/musician) and how they think and see themsevles. The series will be a combination of a taken portrait and chalk like illustrations laid on top. 

The chalk drawings will be reflective of the subjects creative nature, tools, inspiration and chosen canvas. 


I'd like to place the subjects in front of a dark green chalkboard backdrop that looks weathered. For the chalk illustrations I'm trying to debate whether to apply in post (drawn by me) or drawn them earlier onto acetate with a white marker and place that in between the camera and subject so its more in camera. I might do both methods just so I have a backup clean plate to do post on. Though I'd much rather do it all in camera. I will grade the photos later in Lightroom.

I will be shooting on my Pentax K-01.


I'd like there to be comfort and warmth factor in how the people are displayed. Postive creative vibes is pretty much what I am going for. The lightheardness I would like to achieve in the illustrations overlaid on top. The illustrations are there to compliment their creative nature.


Checkout my moodboard below:

I'm still trying to figure out the color grade I want to go for. At the moment dark green backdrop slightly desaturated and worn down, subject soft contrast and slightly desautrated. Overall milky look to the whole shot. 

Grade inspired by Peggy Sirota, Patrick Hoelck, Kinfolk Mag photography and VSCO cam portraits. 

Sidenote: Jonathan if you had any thoughts on a good lighting setup that would be great. I'm not that familiar with what would be the best arrangement to light these portraits. Thanks in advance!! 

Update: Shoot has been delayed, a weekend full of work has pushed the photo session to next week. 


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