#DrawingWhileLaughing | Skillshare Projects




Hellllo person on the interwebs reading this. 

Here are some of my drawings. This first one is while standing

I have no idea what any of that means either....

is that a zebra? wtf

Well then I progressed to draw while listening to music and did this

On the left. is that a pomegrante? I started with a leaf, then enclosed it, then started making circles. On the right.... 

This was my inspiration. The record on the left inspired the pic on the left side, indie. The record on the right is dark metal and inspired the stuff on the right. 

oh but it gets worse! 

I mean WTF was i drawing while rotating? 

T-Bone steak? 

Ok now for the "blindfolded"...ok ok so i just closed my eyes

I did draw with my left hand. I outlined my right hand like the instructor mentioned. and my "route to work." There is also my first dog (sorry Harlee) and then my self-portrait lol. 

OK so then I talked to myself (not awkward at all)

It was about my day where I went to the library, had some coffee, chicken tortilla soup, and a corona while finishing up this class. 


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