Drawing ...

Drawing ... - student project

Hello Everyone!

I really enjoy this "motivational" lessons, as Ryan sayd, I'm Totally Agree! "Practice makes perfect" "La Práctica hace al maestro!" 

Some of my favorite Artist are: 

-Aaron Blaise

-Alan Stewart

-Paris Christou

-Jorge R. Gutiérrez

-Randy Bishop

-Sean Galloway

-Macky Pamintuan

-Mr. Jake Parker

-Guy Francis

-Andy Estrada

-Miss Led


-Scott M. Fischer

(Sorry they are too many! But I do think they're just awesome!)

Favorite subject to draw:

This is a hard one ... There's a tones of things! I think my problem acctually is some times I guess I get kind of scare of, you know, go forward with the action, and move and that kind of more "complicated" things than just a flat sketch!

But the things I Love the most to draw about are my Country, my culture and traditions and dogs (even when I'm not good at the dog's draws!)

Things I struggle with:

-As I sayd, taking my draws out of that flat area! I think I'm a little stuck there!

-Girls / Female characters, I just don't know how to draw a girl! haha


-Shoes and Feet


Sketches I am working on:

Just Today ... My crazie idea, well part of it, Dinosaurs!

Drawing ... - image 1 - student project

Hope you enjoy the Artists above!

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