Drawing without Fear

Drawing without Fear - student project

What a cool class. I loved learning about the different ways Catherine uses her tools to loosen up while painting. It was a lot of fun to start drawing without knowing where the process would take me, as it was not my process. 

First, I cleaned all the paper clutter from my desk.

Drawing without Fear - image 1 - student project


Then I started painting the flowers, and I was able to be very loose and totally in the flow and not worry about the outcome.

After the flowers, I started painting the dog. At first, I remained loose and didn't slip into 'tension', but as I progressed and started working with my pens and crayons, I got more tense and focused on making the dog a certain way. I didn't mind it, though. I still felt relaxed enough. But I also learned how easily I could shift from working in the flow to working with tension. So, I do wanna experiment more with Catherine's techniques. 



Here are my paintings:

Drawing without Fear - image 2 - student project

Drawing without Fear - image 3 - student project



And my evaluation:

Drawing without Fear - image 4 - student project

Doing the class project really helped me clear some heavy emotions away today. I was surprised by how much better I felt after the session. I mean, making art is almost always therapeutic to me, and when I paint, it makes me feel good, but I wasn't expecting to go from A to Z during the class. So, thank you for that, Catherine.

I think these exercises are absolutely brilliant also for a warm-up before a bigger painting project.

What a fresh course! And an excellent teacher!


Reference photos from www.unsplash.com:

The dog: Alexandru Rotariu

Flowers: Monika Grabkowska

Jenni Ahlberg
Illustrator, Hand letterer & Designer