Drawing with Markers

Drawing with Markers - student project

Even though I have worked with markers before and watched other Skillshare classes about them, I learned much by working through the exercises in this class. I enjoy the methodical way Imran teaches and his videos are great references for buying and using markers. I subscribe to SketchBox monthly  and they often send different makers and papers. This class inspired me to make reference samples of them.

Drawing with Markers - image 1 - student project

I practiced the house on 3 different papers for 3 different effects. The marker paper was best for manipulating and blending the alcohol markers. It did not work well with layering. The bristol was the smoothest and worked the best with the layering and shading techniques . The watercolor paper had the most intense colors and worked well with layering.

Drawing with Markers - image 2 - student project

A carousel horse from London was the subject for my project.  I used the AD Marker paper so I could better manipulate and blend the colors.