Drawing with Expression Projects

Drawing with Expression Projects - student project

Thanks again for another awesome lesson!

I Learned a lot of things I never even considered or gave much thought to before. I'm not gonna lie though, I found myself struggling a little, especially with the last two tasks about tactile lines and atmospherics (I'm also struggling a little with my english today, since it's not my motherlanguage, so please don't judge me too hard). It took quite a few attempts to get to a point where it got hard to make out the single lines and I will have to work on that more. I'll probalby have to revisit this course every once in a while, which I don't mind at all. For now I plan to implement little exercises into my daily drawing routine so that I can experiment more with my lines and get to a point, where I feel somewhat confident with what I am doing.


Best health and a nice day to everyone!


The first photo actually is my latest attempt for the last given task, whereas the photo beneath it was my first.

Drawing with Expression Projects - image 1 - student projectDrawing with Expression Projects - image 2 - student project

I tried to stay away from too much details and shadows as best as I could with the pillow.

Drawing with Expression Projects - image 3 - student project

And the first three teacups I did. I found that exercise really helpful, since it showed me how restricted I feel in my mind. I will do more of them so that I can learn to be a little more daring or willing to experiment.

Drawing with Expression Projects - image 4 - student project