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Caio Mascarello

illustrator and artist



Drawing on everything

Draw Standing Up:




I had some trouble with my materials, end up trying different ones


First I tryied two different permanent market, but I wasn't pleased with the results I was getting, I wasn't feeling my lines fluid.

Then I tryied other permanet marker but with a smaller tip and started to enjoy myself (the blue one). 

Draw with Music:

For this exercise I worked with a posca pen and It was really nice. 

First I did couple drawing with music I like, first a very calm song, then a more energetic. 



Then I start listening to Trap music and I really like what I got, it felt more free and adventurous:



Draw while Rotating Paper:

I did few tryies on this one. Some good, some not so good. 

Had fun doing a portrait while rotating, love how organic my line evolved. 


Also I made rotating the DNA then work on top of it. End up getting this mammalish figure.


Got a hard time trying to work with words and rotating the paper. I wasn't pleased with the results, but I'll keep trying. 

Draw Blindfolded:

I felt this exercise was kind of hard, felt it lack of more clear directions from Shantelle. 

Anyways, I did a couple attempts and this was my favorite one, i really like how my pet turn up, very simple but nice and fun. 


Draw while talking out loud

I found it hard to keep talking, felt I end up asking more questions than talking. 

Anyway, here are the results:




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