Lettie Blue

Illustrator/Graphic Designer at INobice



Drawing on Photos (in Procreate)

I did not decide the class title yet but in this class I would like to create a few compositions combining photos and drawings. Drawing on photos is really fun. We can create nice pieces of art  to decorate our walls or just funny images to amuse our friends. I'm excited with this idea! Let me know what you think ;)



Turn your drawings into Animations in Procreate PUBLISHED!!!

Procreate is a fantastic app to create digital art on your iPad, but do you know that you also can also use it for animations?


In this class, I will show you a few tips and tricks to create a bunch of simple animations using ONLY Procreate. Yes, only Procreate! So grab your iPad, open your Procreate App and let's get started!



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