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Drawing on Everything

I had a lot of fun with these exercises! Going through these prompts brought me right back to my first year life drawing class in college! Fun stuff!!! :-) These are great exercises to loosen and warm up. Here are my 5 quick drawings following the prompts.

#1 - On the wall: 

I drew with a black marker - big and loose on a large piece of paper taped to the wall - it was really fun to swirl around and find pretty shapes

#2 - Turn up the music:

I drew the first image listening to my favorite celtic station on Pandora, the second was a rock n roll station I don't usually listen to... Interesting to see the differences in line quality, and was interested to see how much faster I draw to the faster music - seems like an obvious connection but it still surprised me :)

#3 - On the move:

Rotating the paper while I draw is pretty typical for me when doodling. This time my quickie drawing turned into a swirly mandala. 

#4 - Eyes Closed!

Oh this one brought me back! This was one of my teachers favorite warm ups for us in first year life drawing. I've always enjoyed this exercise and the interesting qualities that emerge with the random placements of images. Fun!

#5 - Distracted doodling:

I drew this quick sketch while on the phone with my mom. I found myself drawing a quick line study for an illustration I am working on. I like the carefree quality - I think I might like it better than the carefully drawn image I originally did for this kitten. Quick sketches like this are great practice!


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