Frangela Melo

Graphic Designer



Drawing on Everything: Discovering ME!

This is my diary of my experience in the drawing , discovering my lines and putting faces to the characters in my fantasies... 

In my first experience I was completely terrified of facing to the paper, meet such a large space with many possibilities and no idea what to do.

This is my first attempt to doodle - Get up! Stand up!


The truth is that I could really identify with this result, but I was surprised to see my lines first time from a new perspective

This is where the fun began

Second attempt to doodle - Music! 

This is the interpretation of my expression through music, with a rhythm that I'm used to hearing ... I felt very comfortable and I had fun !

Amy Winehouse - Valerie


I had never drawn this way and was pleasantly surprised to discover these characters.

Even drawing with music who do not regularly hear , and even feeling a little uncomfortable with the fluidity of the lines , I found it quite funny results.

Reggeton - Don Omar 


Third attempt to doodle - Rotating Paper!

It was an interesting experience, especially because every time I draw the outcome is uncertain for me and I am surprised every time.




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