Drawing on Everything Day 1

Working in black and white is very different for me. I work in color and at the beginning I was more hesitant but as I worked on more pages the more confident I became with the graphic quality of making marks on the page.

1st Drawing

2nd Drawing was still playful but seemed more like me.

#3 Talking and drawing is more difficult than I expected.

4. Musical refrain. Can you guess what the song was about?

#5 I like the line without taking it any further. It was tempting to keep going even though it felt finished as it is. 

#6 I liked the architectural look and the illusion of depth that wasn't planned.

#7 My final drawing for the day had me wondering "Why haven't I done this before?" :-)

I really enjoyed jumping in and doing these drawings. Now I want to get larger sheets to put on the wall and get my entire body into the process. 

Thanks for inspring me to try a looser and less formal approach to drawing (on everything).


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