Drawing noses with Noelia

Drawing noses with Noelia - student project



Oh this was fun! I had much more fun the second time around and that is well, because it is less hard with practice!!!


So this is my first sheet of noses (the ones without color). And I think I got the shapes pretty well, and the shading wasn't bad. But I could not see these as noses! I don't know why.

Drawing noses with Noelia - image 1 - student project

And then I remade the noses tonight. But this time, I made the sketches with a graphite pencil, and then added color (my color mix isn't quite perfect!) and finally an outline in ink, playing with different pens to see which I like best.

I love the big nose!!!


Drawing noses with Noelia - image 2 - student project


So....... keep practicing! I'm seeing many more noses in my future to really get confortable. But Noelia, at one point, you will have me draw portraits which is remarquable!!!


Thank you again for a very fun and instructive class!



Stephanie Rault
Rabbit hole explorer, color mixer, maker