Drawing is my passion!

Drawing is my passion! - student project

Hello! I’m Alice Cheetham aka meowkitty17 known by the interwebz. I'm a freelance artist/illustrator, I live in Plymouth, UK. I have my own YouTube Channel and I upload art videos and video game videos along side each other. I honestly love making videos and it's a great skill, it's fun, creative and entertaining to make. I especially love making them so that I can make you happy, feel inspired and motivated.

In the past I’ve made a lot of artwork and commissions, I’m very proud of them. It’s a pleasure to see such happiness from art you've have drawn. 
I’ve opened this Patreon account as I feel that I have still much to learn but I’ve come in leaps and bounds in the quality of my work but also I'll be able to fund my art
Patreon is a big step for any creative person and I hope with your support and my hard work, I will make better and higher quality art. So that I’m able to keep working towards my goals and bring together a great community

By supporting me you'll not only see finished art, personal projects, web comics, illustrations, Patron only videos, high-res jpeg's, PSD's, step-by-step process and more once goals are pasted.
Your pledges will help me be able to buy art supplies, pay bills, save up for better equipment. Most importantly it will give my mind a much needed break so I'll be able to focus on bigger projects and I'll be able to hang out with you guys more. 

Thanks for taking time into reading and maybe see you on my social media! ^_^

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