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Drawing is FUN!

This class was awesome and really got my creative juices flowing! When I usually draw, I already have a plan for what I want to draw but taking this class really helped me to be free and just draw! I used a Chisel tip Sharpie I had on hand and my sketchbook. It's funny because before this class I didn't really like drawing with the chisel tip Sharpie because I felt like it would be too easy to make a "mistake". By participating in the class using a tool that I was at first adverse to, really aided me in my process of just letting go and drawing!  Very freeing class, thank you Shantell!!! 

PROMPT 1: Drawing while standing up!


PROMPT 2: Listening to music and dancing inspired this drawing:-)!

PROMPT 3: Rotating the paper added a fun spin on this drawing!

PROMPT 4: Drawing while blinfolded and with my non-dominant hand!

PROMPT 5: Drawing while talking aloud!

BONUS: For this drawing I added a couple of the prompts--music, standing up, rotating the paper and singing aloud!  Have FUN & just DRAW :-)!


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