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Dawn Summers

Artist, designer, maker



Drawing for the terrified - choosing the best media for the job

Video attempt 2.  It is better but needs editing and an introduction.  It does however have sound. Eventually did screen casting with Quicktime.  Many thanks to all those who offered advice.

My latest attempt at a video.  Please  note that it is not finished.  It probably took me longer to work out how to get it to work on Youtube as it did to design the darn thing.   There's no sound at the moment which is a shame but you get the general idea.

Some people say that they aren't creative.  They'd like to be creative but they just aren't and they often add 'I am just no good at drawing'.   Sadly some people have also had some pretty embarrassing moments when they have had a go at drawing and they aren't that keen to experience this again.  I know just how they feel.

Fortunately I have learned that 'drawing' encompasses a vast range of different styles and approaches and involves the use of such a variety of different implements, that there just has to be one out there for everyone.  It's not about how good you are, it's about finding that one technique that's just right for you.

This class is about finding that particular one for you.  It is about encouragement and experimentation and learning that creativity is a process that has so much to offer people.  It is also about having fun and being playful and enjoying yourself.

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