Drawing for interior designers


My favourite book at the moment is Gilles Ronin's Drawing For Interior Designers http://www.bookdepository.com/Drawing-for-Interior-Designers-Gilles-Ronin/9781408129913?redirected=true&utm_medium=Google&utm_campaign=Base1&utm_source=AU&utm_content=Drawing-for-Interior-Designers&selectCurrency=AUD&w=AF45AU96GFCBLQA8Z3Y4&pdg=kwd-73697317899:cmp-168747699:adg-9591243219:crv-39378132939:pid-9781408129913&gclid=CJjSwdT9ks4CFUqUvQodL84OZQ

Earlier this year I enrolled in an interior design and decoration course and it is my goal to complete the course and then work in the interior design industry in some way. Because this is a step away from my present occupation as a dance instructor, I am juggling work, family, and assignments. The Skillshare classes I am enrolling in now have been chosen by me with the aim of helping me achieve the goal of completing the course. 

This book does not have as much text in it as the course books and is full of clear, concise diagrams and notes on the how to of drawing for interior designer. It is my favourite book at this time because of its simplicity. I leave it on my desk to remind me to work on the present assignment and I read and use pictures as references to assist with the drawings I need to present. 


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