Drawing experiments

Hello all!

I really loved Shantell's approach to getting out of your head and letting other forces guide your drawing. I think this class has helped me see more ways I can create art, so that's cool!

I made these drawings with a large sharpie and a couple of brush markers.

Drawings while standing:


Drawings listening to music I like:



Drawing to music I don't like:


Drawing while rotating the page:


Drawing while blindfolded:


Drawing while talking:


Using sharpies/markers like this was definitely out of my comfort zone, so it was good to try that. I didn't really like working with color, though, I had to think a little more about that one. I also didn't like using words very much, it didn't feel like something I'd do. The most consistent thing through all drawings was a frond-like or hand-like thing; I like it. I'm going to have to play with this more to see if I can develop more personal vocabulary.


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