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Drawing exercises: figure drawing with simple shapes

Hello everyone, another drawing class is published!!! Description is below the links.

Other classes in series are:

Drawing exercises - shading objects and figure drawing

Drawing exercise - basics of line making

In this 50-minute class, you'll go behind-the-scenes as I share my process of drawing exercises. From introducing you to 3 basic principles of drawing to hand postures and finally the actual drawing, I’ll provide you with helpful tips for better understanding of shapes and lines. All for one purpose – to get better at your craft of line making.  

Throughout the class, I’ll emphasizes the benefits and techniques of simplifying shapes in order to create compelling sketches. It's a perfect class for everyone who wants to be inspired to draw. No prior knowledge or experience required, just the love to make lines.

But, before I make it live, it's marketing time. Posting announcements on Facebook, Adding a post to Linked In, email marketing, talking to friends about it and so on. Also, here is the 

Introduction video


Digital drawing and inking class. Any feedback and new tips on how to market it better would be very helpful. Thanks.

Here are the free enrollment links

Have a great day.


Hello everyone. Early announcements are a good start to promote your class so here is my 

New Digital Painting class hope you'll like it.

Class Outline

and a sample video -

so feel free to take a look and leave a comment. Thanks.


Thanks for all the suggestions and comment in this course, it was and still is a great learning tool for marketing on SkillShare. Thanks to this class I got over 320 students on one course and I started working on a new one - 

Watercolor Painting: painting outdoors

Here are a few things that I've done so far:

I send free enrollment links for my first course to my friends and family and then made posts on Linked In, Tumblr and Tweeter explaining what this is all about and inviting people to take a look and then decide if they want to join the course.

I added text to cover image of the course to make bigger impact on the viewers.

Also I left notes on my intro video as suggested in this marketing course. Updating this project as well as the one in June challenge is something worth while doing. Remember to regularly check up on your course and leave comments if needed. Join different social media groups relevant to your class subject and share your work there. Be positive. :) :) :)


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