Drawing as selfdiscovery

Drawing as selfdiscovery - student project

I know from the workshop we only have to choose one, but I like the class and I want to try all the exercises. I will keep adding more later on.


2. Your Heart or Brain

Like the other exercises I don't know where to start, but then something pops in my head. This is a struggle I'm feeling the last years. Time keeps passing by faster, I'm almost 30, I've done a lot, but sometimes it feels your still just a child. I like to be not having to worry or doing fun stuff. But I also want to be a adult and be responsible and have my own house, fall in love and have kids.

Drawing as selfdiscovery - image 1 - student project


1. My Resilience

First I did have to lookup the word Resilience, because I didn't really know what it means. I don't think we have a word for that in my language. The things that formed you as a person. First I didn't know what I should write, but after putting some words I just keep adding. I think it is nice to see I have a lot of positive parts.

Drawing as selfdiscovery - image 2 - student project