Drawing as Self Discovery

Drawing as Self Discovery - student project

As the instructor said, it was somewhat difficult compiling a list of things that make up my resilience, but just like her afterwards I felt like it was my badge of honor. I tried including a few funny things as she did, and it helped me look at the more difficult ones a little less serious too.

I wish I would've made the slice about my bad hair cuts bigger. Those take years to come back from.

Drawing as Self Discovery - image 1 - student project


While thinking about the answers to her questions for the "Brain or Heart" exercise, I skipped the first question because I couldn't think of anything specific that was making me happy but I answered the next question easily: What is the hardest part of your life right now? My answer was: Finding my purpose. After getting through the questions I started at the top of the list again and my mind read the first question with my first answer and I realized it was true for that question too! I recently got a bill of health after a 7 year bout of illness so I find myself a little lost not knowing where I should put my energy now. I've always loved making things so maybe now I can have a more creative purpose other than merely "surviving". My brain just needs to not worry so much and let my heart enjoy it. (Also I have no idea how to draw a brain!)

Drawing as Self Discovery - image 2 - student project

Choose happy. Be kind. Take naps.