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Drawing a Real Life Incident

I signed up for Skillshare just so I could take this class! Thank you Yuko Sensei!

While I oil paint and also do watercolour, I've never used inking as a way to draw and create texture. I still need more practice but here are my sketches and my final inked drawing (which, sadly, I'm not that happy with).

I wanted to create an image of the time my little beagle ran away from the park we were in to chase 4 deer!

I thought I totally lost him, only to find him running after the deer in a cemetary. I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was worried that I would find his lifeless body by the side of the road.

Here are some study sketches and trying to plan out the image layout:

My layout sketched out:

And my first attempt at inking. I definitely want to try this again. I'm not really happy with the lines and flat/static the deer and my dog look. As you can see, I'm more comfortable with pencils than I am with an ink and brush.

Any and all critiques are welcome. Thank you so much for looking!


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