Drawing Your Feelings

Drawing Your Feelings - student project

What inspires me?

  • People who listen and lead with openness and compassion rather than through their own egos. These people are so refreshing. They're little rays of sunshine.
  • Mornings! I nap through most afternoons so mornings are filled with podcasts, books, music and as many cups of tea as possible.

Drawing Your Feelings - image 1 - student project

What do I hate?

  • Being told to smile more whilst concentrating on work, being shouted at in the street, unsatisfying naps and bananas. 
  • There was something great about calling out these things separately from each other. tend to do that for all of the positive parts of life, but this activity made me realise that I let all of the negative thoughts bombard me at the same time (so it's impossible to see and process them clearly). Now they're in tidy little boxes, and I can really focus on those bananas. 

Drawing Your Feelings - image 2 - student project


What I want