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Drawing YOUR Letters

Here's some awesome examples of lettering that are amazing! These people are all living the dream. See for yourself.  What story will you tell?



Sure you can take a class but that alone isn't going to help you. What you need is to practice every single day!

Make sure you get a notebook and fill it with these ideas:

  • lettering anatomy chart
  • reference materials ( just print up some awesome lettering that you love for your eyes only to study. (As you can guess I love thick block vintage styles.)
  • tree map
  • add some of your own ideas
  • always feel free to do your own thing!

Literally this is how I started. Literally this is how I keep growing. For more tips check out my other classes!

I'm big on combining illustrations with lettering but that's just me. So....

How do the tips in the 30 days class help me with my lettering practice? Let's take a look.

This is just a sample of my lettering practice. I am learning and continue to grow everyday!





Update 2017

My style has changed and I can draw awesome letters. Yes I draw on every used-up paper too. I love these letters and the variety. That love only happens with practice. I used to draw these babies in grade school and yeah practice helps me get back to this.




Along while ago, not bad AT ALL but there's some spacing issues and the message isn't clear. The bird doesn't seem to happy and come to think of it there's not enough of the happy emotion I want to convey. Sure color can help me but....


Draw Words

This was done a while ago. Starting to look at drop shadows and just drawing. I love the E and the word love.



Okay so where am I at these days?

Update 2017

Gosh the word here needs work but that's what practice is for. YAY! 





My ideas are much more developed. I draw a WHOLE lot better. My color and layout is much more awesome. I believe the color and the little details capture the feeling that a kid gets when they are happy all the time with the simplest of things.



This was a 5 minute draw sketch for a book I'm working on. 









...and I keep improving. 

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