Drawing Proportion Techniques

Drawing Proportion Techniques - student project

I took a photo of my upside down bunny drawing, because it looks better than my scanned version from the printer.

Drawing Proportion Techniques - image 1 - student project

Week 1 Drawing A Bunny UpsideDownVisually

I am satisfied with the overall image that I have drawn. Maybe I should draw more pictures with the upside-down drawing method. While drawing this picture, I feel like I'm reading one of Redwall's adventure series books.



Week 1  Shapes with Toucan


Drawing Proportion Techniques - image 2 - student project


Week 2 Grid with Camel

Drawing Proportion Techniques - image 3 - student project

Week 3 Exercise Drawing Proportion Techniques - image 4 - student project


Drawing Proportion Techniques - image 5 - student project

The most challenging part of this drawing exercise was drawing the back ground. Overall, the form of my iguana seems excellent. Slightly, I skewed the proportion of the tail. Well, I manipulated the ratio of the tail, unintentionally. Nevertheless, the skewed length of my iguana’s tail made this composition original.