Drawing Practice

Drawing Practice - student project

Totally new to both drawing and Procreate. Still trying to get the hang of both.


The upside down drawing was surprisingly fun... even though I made a couple of big mistakes...


Drawing Practice - image 1 - student project





This is my first go at the toucan. It was before the lessons on layers and shading, etc.


Drawing Practice - image 2 - student project



Grid method camel. Obviously still didn't know how to use layers... or blending. Lol. But, despite this, I still really like how it turned out.

Drawing Practice - image 3 - student project


My second go at the toucan. I still need practice when it comes to knowing what to do on which layer, and still find shading and highlighting challenging. But overall I'm pretty happy with this little guy.


Drawing Practice - image 4 - student project