Drawing Pens...oh, if they would draw for me!

I have not worked with pens before, only pencils or paint.  Several other classes I'm interested in use pens so I thought it best to just jump in and try.  I only have .05 so, 


I chose some odd items.  I have lots to learn and need to be really consistent and make my art every day.

Once I learned that you cannot press hard with the 05, I think I had a little bit more success.  Here is my "floral" offering.


Drawing pattern.   Well, I guess it was successful, still the .05.  I'm having so much fun, I ordered some more pens in different sizes..We'll see


I've had a lot of fun, and I've not got lots of pens to play with.  I am going to post one last photo.  I used my heart to make a Birthday wish for a friend.  I used Pic Monkey to do the editing as I do not have Photo shop.  


Thank you Olga for a great class, I wish you well.  I'll watch for more from you!


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