Drawing My Tools

Drawing My Tools - student project

First of all I would like to thank you for encouraging us to start a daily drawing practice... I actually had some freelance copywriting work to do, but I chose to make art my priority today, saying it was going to take me only 6-10 minutes. And I cannot believe that 10 minutes is truly all it took.

We moved into our apartment recently and I don't have many "objects" laying around. So I chose to draw my drawing supplies : ) Beginning with my Artline Pen.

Drawing My Tools - image 1 - student project

I enjoyed it immensely. My confidence wasn't too bad either. While I was drawing I actually drew the body a bit short and at first I decided to go with it - placing the "0.5" below "Drawing Systems" instead of to its right...Drawing My Tools - image 2 - student project

But then I erased and fixed it... sort of.

Drawing My Tools - image 3 - student project

The cap still looks sort of wrong, but I like the hand-drawn quality of it. Tomorrow I'll have more supplies. Looking forward to it!


Day 2 - March 3rd

Today I drew my favorite "writing" pen. Recently I haven't been able to find these at any office supply stores. I ordered some online. If they don't make them any more I will get really upset... which makes me sort of worry about how attached we get to stuff. Even if it is only a favorite pen to use. I love its flow, its feel in my hand, how it dries easily. Anyway : ) Since I have spent the last few weeks thinking about it, I thought today would be a good day for drawing it. I went to a nice cafe, ordered a latte and began drawing. This is today's work:

Drawing My Tools - image 4 - student project

I am following my list of tools to draw, but I am not following a strict order. I am looking forward to completing them all though : ) Let's see what tomorrow will bring...


Day 3 - New Angles and Brush Pen

First of all, thank you Ohn Mar!

Drawing and getting live feedback is so fun! I can only imagine how much effort it must require on your part - and I want to thank you before I begin my update. I truly appreciate it.


With your suggestion, I wanted to challenge myself a bit. I wanted to add new angles and also try a new drawing tool. Today I chose my eraser as my object and my brush pen as my drawing utensil. I loved watching you draw with a brush in the videos so I thought I would pick an easy large object. Turns out, the writing details are really hard to do with a brush!

I still enjoyed it very much though. After I completed the brush pen versions I wanted to try another one with my good old mechanical pencil though :D I realised I really like working on the tiny lettering details.

Enjoyment: 8-9

Confidence: Increased as I gained more control with my pencil.

New Idea: As I was drawing I thought drawing all of my tools with a monoline pen from top and then turning them into digital art for a repeat pattern could be a cool idea. I had tried some version of it for a business card before. I believe after I complete my 14 days, that will be a challenge for me. I am looking forward to making mistakes and learning from them in the process. Let's see if I will be able to finish this challenge - and the repeat pattern will be my reward for following through! : )


Drawing My Tools - image 5 - student project


Day 4: Drawing in Ink

I figured the most effective way to ensure I wouldn't switch back to my pencil would be to use *that* as my object today :D

This is sort of the first day's reverse. I switched my object and my tool : ) I also used this drawing as a way to test my idea from the previous one - to draw it from top. At first I drew it too bulky and didn't really like where it was going but still followed through. And I am glad I did - because I believe it improved the second one. What do you think?

Then I went on and tried another angle as well. It's funny how it's harder to draw angles we are not really used to. Though I think it forces us to really "see" it and not make it up from memory / logic.

Drawing My Tools - image 6 - student project

Enjoyment: 9

Confidence: Began with 6, decreased to 4, increased to 10 for a brief moment and ended in 7. I believe.


Day 5: Scissors

Today I experimented with drawing scissors in different angles and with different pens. I really like this all black scissors and drawing it was fun. Also, I fell back in love with my brush pen : ) I think I will use that again in the following days.

Drawing My Tools - image 7 - student project


Days 6 & 7

I actually drew these on time, but couldn't upload them to my computer. Anyone else annoyed that Skillshare mobile app doesn't let us edit projects and upload images?

Anyway, here are the drawings from the weekend:

Drawing My Tools - image 8 - student project

Drawing My Tools - image 9 - student project


Looking forward to today's afternoon coffee break for the drawing of my Mono Eraser Pen : )


Day 8

This Mono Eraser Pen is great for erasing details. Since I usually do lettering I often carry it in my pencil case. I also tried a weird angle where it looks like only a cap :D

Drawing My Tools - image 10 - student project


Day 9

This time I tried color : ) After I drew my plum Stabilo pen, I used it to color its own drawing. I tried filling it all the way and then just applying touches of color. I like the second one better, what do you think?

To me, showing the hard straight lines in a circular way was a bit difficult. But the challenge was to draw what we saw and I tried to follow the instructions.

Drawing My Tools - image 11 - student project


--- I had uploaded Day 10 yesterday, but now I notice that it hasn't updated! So today I will upload today's and yesterday's. ---


Day 10

I had never noticed my brush pen's cap had so many details. Drawing is wonderful like that. You look at the same object with a new perspective.

Drawing My Tools - image 12 - student project

I drew the second one a little wonky, I have no idea why :D I was trying a new angle but it doesn't always work out as we would like it to. I am happy with the third one though, at the bottom. I chose to draw it with the cap off to show the lovely brush tip.


Day 11

I am glad I have waited until Day 11 to draw the pencil case! There were so many unpredicted details... the zipper was a real challenge. I am not 100% happy with the result but I loved trying : )

Drawing My Tools - image 13 - student project


You might recognise some tools from previous drawings : ) Having drawn them before I knew what to watch out for - it really surprised me pleasantly.


Drawing My Tools - image 14 - student project

Drawing My Tools - image 15 - student project

And then I tried adding some color. I really love the bright yellow of the pencil case. I believe it would look even better with watercolors. And the bottom needed some gray that I did not have at the time. I will try better coloring when I digitise them.

For today confidence was 8, enjoyment was 9 with a touch of frustration. I will give progress 9 as well, because I could easily recognise the tools laying in the pencil case.


Day 12

Day 12 is my craft knife... I couldn't get it to face straight...

Drawing My Tools - image 16 - student project


Day 13

This might be the first time I am following through with something this long... I really loved this project.


Drawing My Tools - image 17 - student project


Day 14

These were all the tools I regularly use... and of course, I use my notebook to draw in! I thought I would include that as well.

Drawing My Tools - image 18 - student project

As I was drawing it I noticed that the handlettering I have done for the cover needs a bit of improving as well. But isn't that what happens? We constantly improve ourselves and notice things we haven't noticed earlier. I am actually quiet proud that I can see my own mistakes or poor judgement choices now. Makes me realise I have come a long way - and still have a long way to go!

Even during this 14 day challenge...

Since today was the last day I looked at all of my drawings and saw massive improvement in both skills and confidence. Thank you for this assignment, Ohn Mar : )

This is a collage of all the 14 drawings and my "binder" that I kept them in : )

Drawing My Tools - image 19 - student project


Since I am already in a momentum, I think I will redraw the previous ones in the same style and use them as a pattern. I will update again when I finish it : )

Ezgi Platin Atzel
Handletterer & Illustrator