Drawing My Feelings

Drawing My Feelings - student project

As for the first piece, I chose the universe as what inspires me. It's easy to assume it in a spiritual way, but this inspiration is more of a reality check. The feeling of being so small yet so big on our own universe.

Drawing My Feelings - image 1 - student project

After this, I realized that my color palette was very limited, but I was still willing to take the challenge. I decided to play around with negative space, since it fitted the overall style I was going for.

I was working initially with an A6 notebook and changed to an A5 notebook to have more space for the next pieces.

My feelings seem to be very connected to the state we are living in today around the world.


Drawing My Feelings - image 2 - student project

Drawing My Feelings - image 3 - student project

Drawing My Feelings - image 4 - student project


My last piece is also related to all the feelings above. "We will meet again" is not only about people, but also places and states that were part of our life before and seem to be currently far away. I felt it was poetic to connect it with the clouds, since they are moving and forever changing, and yet they still can meet, grow apart, disappear and meet again, depending on the winds and the weather.

Drawing My Feelings - image 5 - student project

On a final note, I got to say that I didn’t expect these exercises to be so “easy” to fulfill. The fact that they are just for ourselves took off the pressure to make a perfect illustration, allowing myself to focus on what I was actually feeling in the moment. Most times I look at my blank page thinking what should I draw and I feel an immense pressure that whatever it is, it has to come out good. It’s good to runaway from that feeling. Thank you :)