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Carlos Cabral

Cartoonist and author



Drawing Masterclass: Mastering the Human Face for Cartoon and Comics

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Carlos. I'm a professional illustrator, book author and teacher. I've been teaching cartoon drawings since 2012 and my book was recently launched by Barron's Educational. Lots of my online students have asked me to make video courses of my tutorials and that's why I decided to make this one - and I'm pretty excited about it :-)


Class Description

Drawing the human face is one of the hardest things for artists in general. Dealing with different angles, styles, expressions, facial features, gender and aging sounds terrifying! No matter how hard you try, your final sketch always looks odd, am I right? I know... I had the same feeling as yours some years ago.

But, don't panic: In this awesome class I will show you all of my personal secrets in drawing any kind of face in a dynamic way, with simple tricks that will blow your mind! If you were looking for the perfect course to improve your drawing skills at a level to impress your friends, family and clients, then you've just found it.

What makes this class different is that complex and boring concepts will be discussed without put you to sleep! I always do my best to keep things light, using metaphors to help you to memorize difficult concepts, in order to keep you entertained.

What You'll Learn

I’ve built this class for the ones who loves to draw: In a short amount of time, you will learn how to improve your lineart and avoid common mistakes in order to add rhythm to your character's faces. It’s a funny, powerful, and hands-on course that will transform you as an artist, no matter if you're a beginner or professional.

Everything I'm going to show you in this class are stuff I learned the hard way. You have an advantage: You have this class!

Class Outline

It's coming... I promise :-)


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