Drawing Gratitude

Drawing Gratitude - student project

So thankful for this lesson, now more than ever!! Thank you, Jordan!

Processing emotions is not easy most of the time, but with more ample time on my hands, I'm finding that old traumas are resurfacing... so this was a breath of fresh air to appreciate things that inspire me / that I'm grateful for. 

Gratitude journals have never really stuck with me but drawing things I'm grateful for is something I actually look forward to at the end of the evening.

Drawing Gratitude - image 1 - student project

This has also been a great practice in drawing quickly and truly letting loose, artistically and emotionally speaking. I'm used to going through several sketches, refining, and making drawings that are Insta-worthy and this was SO refreshing to truly let go and just draw (you can even see it spelling wise ;) -- 'gratefuf' ), try new things I'd never try to sketch out, and let it all out, doodles in the borders and all.

Megan Cook
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