Ethan Bodnar

Designer and Gardener. Previously, at Skillshare.



Drawing Everywhere

Excited to share my project. Below I posted my drawing from each of the prompts. For the project I used a Sharpie though I think I might get one of the Krink markers at some point soon! Mainly used Newsprint paper since it's cheap and I feel like I can get more messy on it then in my sketchbook. Was a quick way to try out some new things, let me know what you think. 

Prompt 1 – Drawing Standing Up

I couldn't find any tape in my apartment to hang the paper on the wall, so for this one I got a big piece of paper and put it on the ground, put on some music, and drew standing up over the paper.

Prompt 2 – Draw With Music

For this one I put on Gloria by Patti Smith, and went for it. I'm not sure, but I feel like I should've stopped a little sooner as it got a bit messier than I was going for it, but it's all good! I then at the end added the letters Gloria throughout.

Prompt 3 – Draw Rotating the Paper

Put a piece of paper on a clipboard so that I could more easily rotated it. After I was done I went back and filled in some of the spaces that were created by overlapping lines.

Prompt 4 – Draw Blindfolded

This one I drew my commute. The swirly part is the subway experience. And then after I was done, I wrote in the two neighborhoods.

Prompt 5 – Draw While Talking Outloud

Proved to be the most difficult. Didn't have any friends around at the moment, so instead I pulled up an article online and read that outloud while drawing. Pretty hard to do. For some reason I decided to draw some abstract kites. What I found was by not thinking I started drawing them in different ways, with different strokes – so pretty cool to see how this one worked.


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