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Drawing Every Morning Before Work


My habit personality type is Obliger.


I usually am pretty good at setting goals and making lists of tasks to accomplish those goals. I use Wunderlist and Focus Timer religiously. But having just graduated from The Art Institute with a degree in Graphic & Web Design, I am all of a sudden finding it difficult to start some self-initiated projects. I know that I want to continue to learn and hone various skills - calligraphy, typography, infographics, web design - and maybe thinking about all these things is overwhelming me. I was usually very good in school about getting my assignments done on time, though I often was finishing them up until the very last possible minute. For this project, I want to build the habit of drawing every morning before work not only to build my illustration and sketching skills and create better workflow, but also to end up with designs that I want to present to a local apparel company and add to my portfolio. I did some pretty intricate illustrations for projects in school, so I know that once I get started, I am generally unstoppable. It just seems sooo hard lately for me to actually get pencil to paper...


Oddly enough, my most consistent good habit is folding my laundry. I'm not exactly sure when I finally nailed this one down, but it used to be such a burden to me. Up until about 3 years ago, I used to be the type of person to leave my clean clothes in a pile on my bed for days and days, even using it as a pillow! For some reason now, I catch myself saying, "It will literally take you one minute" and then as I am folding, I say to myself, "then you won't have to do it later" or "then it won't take up space on your bed". Now everytime I set a pile of laundry on my bed, I immediately fold it and put the clothes away. This is really only about a weekly habit, but it is something I recognize as a habit because I feel as though I've trained myself to trigger the action and looking at my clean bed afterwards has really become a reward. 


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