Drawing Cute

Drawing Cute - student project

Cute Animal

I chose a skunk as I have always found them super cute and they are sometimes overlooked because of their ability to create a stink! 

Drawing Cute - image 1 - student project

Drawing Cute - image 2 - student project

Not So Cute Animal:

I have always found pelicans super creepy because of their proportions so I tried to make mine cute with a girly look using lashes, blush, lipstick and a bow.


Drawing Cute - image 3 - student project

Drawing Cute - image 4 - student project

I made these in Procreate on the iPad Pro using some watercolour brushes and adding watercolour paper textures. 

I really enjoyed this class as it gave me a chance to practice a new style and get a feel for my watercolour brushes. It really inspired me and was really easy to follow and informative with some great tips. Thanks!