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Drawing Creatures

Hi everyone! this is the first online class i've ever subscribed to, seems fun (and i love drawing creatures), anyway, here's what i came up with.

For my creative process i made A LOT of different types of creatures, feathered, heavy, light-weight, two legged, four legged, mammals, reptiles and others.

I kind of had a tough time deciding wich idea to go with,I think i'm gonna do one of the heavy ones, i liked the designs of the one in the middle that has a young version of itself beside it, with the big horn and some kind of crest around it. Triceratops are my favorite dinosaurs so I'd really like to make something tanky. Also the hippoesque dinosaur in the lower left looks cool I think.

I liked the skinny long neck dog creature, I might focus on one of those as my second creature.

Here's a sheet with heavy weight designs, I'm not completely happy with them, any thoughts? :)


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