Stephanie Turner

Hobby artist working on leveling up



Drawing Class

Hey guys!

I started drawing when I was a kid, but stopped after high school. I want to get back into it because I really liked doing it and want to do something with it. I really want to create stuff that I'm proud of and I feel reflects my own style and worldview.

Artists that inspire me right now are


Chiara Bautista

Jessica Madorran

Anna Cattish

Ursula Decay

My favorite subject to draw is (uncontestedly) women. I feel like I need to draw something else, but I always come back.

I struggle with a lot of things: hands, feet, backgrounds, line work, hair, digital drawing, telling story with my pictures instead of just drawing a portrait, the list goes on. 

For the things I've been working on, I try to update my instagram every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll provide some of my favorite images that i've posted recently.





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