Drawing Challenge

Drawing Challenge - student project

Day 1 Journey I am revisiting this class. I forgot how to upload images. Anyway, I was thinking about the Journey a Bee makes to the flower in its quest for pollen, and how the Bee is only “aware” of its task, even though there is a whole wide world out there. And how the whole wild world is not really thinking about that Bee’s Journey.  The Title image.
Day 2 Cloud Watching: This time it looked like a black swan bowing it’s head or falling asleep.Drawing Challenge - image 1 - student projectDay 3 Feeling Slow: I guess it feels like everything under the sea moves in slow motion. I liked working slowly it was calming. There is the possibility of analyzing too much, but I just went with the flow. I enjoyed taking my time blending the colors. Except for the jellyfish, I referenced some pictures I found online. I used oil pastels and a brush-tipped Pitt pen and pencil to first draw the shapes.Drawing Challenge - image 2 - student projectDAY 4 Shake it up! Energetic drawing. For this I used oil pastels and color shapers. It was neat the way the color shapers created texture. Doing this, I was really aware of the feel of the tools on the paper. It was quite satisfying. Drawing Challenge - image 3 - student projectDAY 5 Metamorphosis: First thing I thought of was a chrysalis. But maybe this was supposed to be more abstract. I used a reference picture and in it was a bright green leaf behind the chrysalis that really emphasized the negative space. I think you can still get s sense of the space in my version. I hope so since that was kind of the point. I enjoyed working on the detail.Drawing Challenge - image 4 - student projectDAY 6 Metamorphosis 2Drawing Challenge - image 5 - student projectDAY 7 Crowd of Creatures:

Drawing Challenge - image 6 - student projectDAY 8 Colors Today my colors are muted, it was a good but sleepy day.Drawing Challenge - image 7 - student projectDAY 9 Flat Drawing Clover pattern Drawing Challenge - image 8 - student project

 DAY 10 Thread

Drawing Challenge - image 9 - student projectDAY 11 Transform Me:  This was originally a very bad sketch of sunflowers. It’s still flower like, but I like it better.

Drawing Challenge - image 10 - student project

 DAY 12 Structure: Shell structure is so interesting and beautiful to me. Something new toexplore more of. Just a start. Drawing Challenge - image 11 - student project

 DAY 13 Take 2: I chose day # 6 Metamorphosis #2 and day #12 structure (shell).Drawing Challenge - image 12 - student project

 DAY 14 Texture: This the tiny texture of one of my paving stones.Drawing Challenge - image 13 - student project