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Drawing Caricatures!


I haven't gotten any feedback yet, but I've been trying my hand at more exaggeration of details when planning out the caricature, as well as attempting to do it in a timely manner.  This is what I came up with based on Walter White from Breaking Bad:

Another drawing that I had completed was rendered on a friend of mine:

The original Image:

Hi Jon!  Thanks for teaching this class.  I chose a friend that I'd seen taken a selfie and posted it on FB.  The hair color struck me, so I picked it.  Also she's a girl, so there was an added challenge.  I have trouble drawing females, having drawn males most of my life, so I accepted this head on.

The Photo:

Aside from the hair, the immediate details that struck me were her chin and cheekbones, which I wanted to highlight in the drawing.

The rough sketch (incredibly rough...I am still trying to figure things out on my Wacom tablet).

A bit of cleaning up.

I'm still trying to free my hand up a bit.  Essentially I am relearning how to draw with this class, mainly because I am rigidly conformed to drawing the facial structure without freeing up my line work for more, for lack of a better word, cartoony aesthetics.  I really am trying to find my style here, so hopefully this class can help out.



I referenced photos for some other caricatures for practice, and these are what I came up with:

This was my first attempt.  I will revisit it.  Definitely needs some improvement.  I wanted to exaggerate the chin a bit more, and looking back now I may have approached it a bit too off.  Right away I can tell that his mouth placement is off--too wide, for starters.  I aldo could have taken a bit more exaggeration for his eyebrows, and his ears are far too high.




With Ron Swanson I took my first steps towards exaggerating some details...the higher forehead, the wider nostrils, the mustache, the eyes, the hair...all details that Nick Offerman really bring to the character.  I think I took my first steps into accomplishing what I had set out on this one.  

Jon Bernthal:

For Jon Bernthal's character in Fury, I chose to accentuate his face's shape, with broader cheeks, the chin, and his ears/nose.  


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