Drawing Basics

Drawing Basics - student project

It was quite difficult for me to try and hold my pencil in a different grip. I struggled a bit with keeping the lines light and I had too many lines as I was also still new to using my arm to pantomime the shapes and lines. After practicing and practicing, I was finally getting somewhere and getting into it.

Drawing Basics - image 1 - student projectHere I practiced my pencil grip, lightness, and arm movement by creating circles and ovals.


Drawing Basics - image 2 - student project

Trying to draw long straight lines was also quite a challenge. I would pantomime them but would always end up with multiple lines. I'm still trying to practice them.


Drawing Basics - image 3 - student projectThe eggs, curved lines, and shapes were a bit easier to make.


Drawing Basics - image 4 - student projectI then made the Scrub Jay with the basic shapes and refined them. (This was my second attempt, as the first seemed to be completely off in angles and ratio so I tried again)


Drawing Basics - image 5 - student project

I then watched the demonstration of drawing the Scrub Jay and tried to draw it with what I could remember. I found that sometimes I would start making light lines for the details and then end up making them again on top of the parts I shaded with the pencil, as the layering did not seem to work; I might have not been patient enough to repeat the details. I used my HB pencil for the light shapes and my 2B pencil for the darker area.

Tonya Du Toit
Graphic Designer