Drawing Arthur, my cat

Drawing Arthur, my cat - student project

This was a fun class! I have 4 cats at home and have always had cats around since I was a kid. So it was not hard to find a photo of a cat to draw. I decided to use Arthur, my grey cat as my model. I did a few quick sketches then a first one with watercolour on the page of my notebook as I was feeling inspired. Then I made another version on good watercolour paper. I prefer the first version on notebook paper because it feels more fresh and spontaneous but the second one is not bad either...

Here's my model: Arthur the cat, master of the house.

Drawing Arthur, my cat - image 1 - student project

Now my first sketch:

Drawing Arthur, my cat - image 2 - student project

Then the final one on watercolour paper. I used only watercolour for these two illustrations. I love to draw with a brush and watercolour!

Drawing Arthur, my cat - image 3 - student project