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Draw up some specs

Update 7 – 1 November, 2014

Finally, after having to let the third exercise dealing with rotation linger for such a long time – here it is. Looking forward to designing the scenes now and getting the audio from the movie.


Update 6 – 12 September, 2014

I was quite busy so it took some time to take the next steps in exercising with scale animators. But here’s what I came up with.


Update 5 – 17 August, 2014

In this exercise I investigated animations similar to the videos in the project steps section. All animations are done with keyframes. I also tried a piece with expressions and Newton. Next will be the Scale Animators.


Update 4 – 13 August, 2014

This isn’t very exciting but I tried to imitate the exact same motion with text animators to see the difference. Especially number 4 from the top needed a different treatment in the graph editor.


Update 3 – 13 August, 2014

After watching the first video lessons I played with the graph editor and I will post my exercises with the different animation properties. First up: animation with position keyframes

PS: For those who are interested and use Mac OS, the uploaded image is a GIF created with “GIF Brewery”. It a convenient app to convert short video clips into GIF animations. (http://www.helloresolven.com/portfolio/gifbrewery)


Update 2 – 29 July, 2014

Here are some first rough sketches in which I laid out my scenes. As you can see I plan to incorporate some animated illustrations to support the quote. 


Update 1 – 28 July, 2014

Font choices … To set the tone I tried to look for fonts that reflect the characters of the movie. For the very tech obsessed villain Obadiah Stane I looked for a bulky, constructed sans serif font and for Tony Stark, who deep inside is an emotional and rebellious character, I chose a script font that is related to 1940ies/1950ies advertising which could also be associated with Hot Rods. Throughout the movie Tony Stark’s Hot Rod can be seen and it even inspires the red colour to the Iron Man armour.

The Fonts are 



Roadstar: http://www.fontspace.com/ktf-kustomtype/ktf-roadstar as well as http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/kustomtype/roadstar/

I think they have good contrast and show the big difference between the two characters. Both fonts are free fonts. Roadstar licenses can be purchased to use it for commercial purposes and then it has even more glyphs (upper and lower case and much more). But the free version for personal use will be sufficient for this project.


Hi all,

I’m a graphic designer from Vienna – mostly working in print and editorial design. But I want to boost my animation skills so I joined this class.

One of my favourite quotes is from the movie “Iron Man” which also inspired the name of my design blog on wordpress (http://dropsomespecs.wordpress.com/about).

It’s the conversation between Tony Stark and Obadiah Stane about revealing some information about his chest piece.

Hey, hey! Hey, Tony. Listen.

I'm trying to turn this thing around,
but you gotta give me something.

Something to pitch them.

Let me have the engineers analyze that.
You know, draw up some specs.

- No. No, absolutely not.
- It'll give me a bone to throw the boys

- in New York!
- This one stays with me.

- That's it, Obie. Forget it.

Hoping to come up with some nice ideas and animations I’m very much looking forward to this class. The movie has such an incredible title sequence (http://www.artofthetitle.com/title/iron-man) created by Prologue (http://prologue.com) so it will be hard not to be inspired by it.

Project cover photo © Danny Yount (http://dannyyount.com) and Prologue (http://prologue.com)


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