Draw on Something: PoP & Guatemalan Coffee Producers

---- Final Idea Working ----



What Guatemala draws on for their livelihood, Australia, the US and the UK, all draw on for their morning buzz; specialty coffee.


Speciality coffee company customers in Australia, the US and the UK. These people:

  • Like to order their 'single origin' South American coffees already – we are aligned with existing consumer behaviour.

  • Are well educated – we can elicit nostalgia around their school days.

  • Appreciate sustainability from both ethical and economic perspectives – we are aligned with existing consumer attitudes.

  • Are primarily females that value relationships, as they have more positive attitudes towards cause related marketing – this works with the 'social' nature of cafe coffee drinking i.e. women are a large percentage of customers, as they are also 'social coffee drinkers' (as opposed to a pure 'specialty coffee nerds').

  • Are active in social media – we have the opportunity to deliver a cross-platform campaign and have greater reach, by leveraging the shareable nature of social media.

ADVERTISING IDEA  note, any mentions of ‘Australia’ below would be replaced with the US and the UK when the campaign is delivered there.

Australian coffee companies will draw on each other, their customers, and really anything to sustain the future of Guatemala and specialty coffee.


Draw on Something.

Australians love good coffee. We draw on it for our morning buzz and to get us through the day. Meanwhile, the livelihood of our Guatemalan coffee producers draw on the sustainability and education of their community's children.

So let's draw on something that can sustain the future for both of us... our coffee cups!

What? Why?

Draw or scrawl something cool you learnt at school on your coffee cup. Leave it with us in-store, upload to our Facebook page, or share on Instagram using our #POP (or other) hash tag. For example:

The more cups, the more facts, the more we can donate to Pencils of Promise; the organisation out to fund the education of children in our Guatemalan specialty coffee producer's communities.

Based on your votes, every week the top 3 entries will receive a free coffee.

At the end of the campaign, the entry with the most votes will become a limited edition Keep Cup (http://www.keepcup.com/) design. The profits of these sales will be donated to Pencils of Promise (we’ll send you a carton too!). 

Help us reach our goal of $1,000,000 in 6 months! It's a big challenge, but without a big coffee, so is the morning.


  • The donations from each coffee company would be based on sales i.e. every time a person buys a cup of coffee, $1 from each purchase will be donated. For companies that sell bags of coffee and other items online that are more expensive, a bigger amount will be donated too.

  • In addition to all of this, there would be other in-store and online donation options promoted to customers as well.

  • People would be given pencils or sharpies to draw on their coffee orders in-store.

    • Pencils online store purchases too, with a note to read more online.

  • If the drawn-on cups are left in-store, staff would either take photos (to upload to Facebook or put on Instagram as described in the following point), or put in a corner of their cafe to build a highly visible coffee cup tree!

  • Online promotion – there is a mix of activities which would be done to create a ‘physical presence’ for the campaign.

A campaign microsite would house all information about the campaign.

The coffee companies could be given a pack of banners and info so they can promote the campaign on their websites and social media profiles.

Would also recommend some funds are invested in Google AdWords, using re-marketing. So anyone that visits the websites of the coffee companies or POP continues to be served these ads, keeping the campaign top of mind for the whole 6 months.

  • A Facebook application and campaign would also be run on the pages of these coffee companies (the aim is to have the same application running across all of these pages – more incentive for the coffee company here as opposed to a campaign-specific Facebook page and app). People could upload photos of their coffee cup facts to the Facebook application (moderation required).

    • This could also pull through photos uploaded to Instagram using the #POP hashtag (moderation required).

    • A library of cool facts would be formed.

    • competition element will be introduced here – people would be encouraged to vote for their chance of weekly prizes, as well as a grand prize (see info in the campaign idea).

  • If budget and or a partnership permitted, a key visual and medium for this campaign could be live video. This would show where donations are at in reaching the target goal.

    • It would feature in-store and online (Facebook, website).

    • Creative execution could be something like photos of all the coffee cups that have been drawn on being pulled through live (..moderation required).

    • Out the front of a popular flagship cafe for each coffee company, we could setup a live video wall displaying the chosen execution (catching passer-by traffic too).

    • This wall could also be interactive e.g. using Xbox Kinect or other motion sensor technology, people could approach the screen and make a 'drawing' motion. Doing so would bring up a cool 'did you know' fact.

      This could be a mix of those things you learn at school but don't necessary remember (e.g. the definition of a marsupial...), and key facts about Guatemala (e.g. the percentage of children currently attending school). This could elicit a nice mix of nostalgic feelings around school and growing up, as well as sympathy towards the state of education in Guatemala.

  • Influencers – in each of the countries running this campaign, key influencers would be engaged to become ambassadors of the campaign. These people would need to resonate with a female-skewed, well-educated target market. The suggestions are therefore:

Ambassadors Australia: John Dee (Eco-campaigner, co-founder of Planet Ark), Mia Freedman (editor and publisher of Mamamia.com.a), Natalie Tran (YouTube Queen),

Ambassadors US: Melinda Gates (Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Zoe Deschanel (actress)

Ambassadors UK: Mark Constantine (Lush eco-friendly cosmetics founder), Livia Firth Giuggioli (Colin Firth’s wife and owner of Eco Age, a green shop), Ewan McGregor (actor).

These people would create their own drawings/scrawlings to be used in campaign promotion. We would ask them to blog, vlog and Tweet about the campaign and why they believe in it (perhaps donating themselves). They would be featured on the camapign microsite.

  • Post campaign – after the campaign is over, in addition to the money being given to PoP, the coffee company directors could visit Guatemalan communities to share the coffee cup facts that had been generated throughout the campaign, with the children.

    • A short post-campaign activity would share this story to the customers who participated during the 6 months. 



---- First 25 Ideas Research & Working ----

Obervation: Guatemalan coffee is arguably the crown jewel of Central America coffees.

Observation: In Australia, the development and growth in the coffee market has exceeded the growth of most other beverage types with consumption forecast to continue to rise over the coming years.

Australia coffee companies (Business Owners) – they like to show their work in coffee producing nations as a way to present their product as sustainable and ethical. EG Campos Coffee (http://www.camposcoffee.com/news/2012/10/02/campos-coffee-donates-to-el-salvador-las-cruces-school-in-santa-ana.aspx), Di Bella Coffee (http://dibellacoffee.com.au/coffee/crop-to-cup/).

Customers of the coffee companies – Australian coffee consumers are now seeking good quality, ‘specialty’ coffee. They are learning to look for messaging around this and sustainability.


I wasn’t really sure how channels and technology were meant to be described in our ideas (I wasn’t sure if some things are too executional?). In my list below I think I’ve also mixed some insights, advertising, and campaign ideas together. I’d like to work to refine but for the moment, I’ve run out of time. So here it goes:


  • The Most Precious Gift. Coffee might be the crown jewel of Guatemala, but educated children are their future. Next time you grab a coffee from (insert coffee company) help us give them this most precious gift by donating.
  • Be a Mate. Mateship is of the highest value to Australians. In this spirit of camaraderie Australian coffee companies will band together to protect the future of Guatemalan coffee, by ensuring the education and livelihoods of their children.

For every coffee purchased during (MONTH) the coffee companies will give $1 to PoP.

  •  Learning to be Exceptional. Specialty coffee comes from exceptional people. Help the children of Guatemala stay exceptional by sending them to school.

I would suggest the donation as above.


  • Sustainability. Sustaining your concentration throughout the day may require a delicious single origin Guatemalan coffee. Sustaining an education for a child in Guatemala simply requires $25.


  • Your Morning Coffee. It’s $4 for Monday morning’s coffee. It’s $25 for a year of education for a child in Guatemala. This Monday, get your week off to a good start and add a child’s education to your coffee order.


  • Freedom. (For the coffee companies with online stores – lots of them) Freedom comes from education. So we’re offering you free shipping for the next 12 months, if you can offer $25 for a Guatemalan child’s education.


  • Who Makes My Coffee? Before it’s in your cup, before it gets to the Barista, coffee comes from a farm. Through short videos and stories, tell the story of Guatemalan coffee producers and why they need help sending their children to school. Emotion based profiles leading to in-store or website donation. The stories could easily be translated cross-platform.


  • Draw on Something. We draw on coffee for energy. But now we want you to draw on our coffee… cups! You see, the livelihoods of our coffee producers draw on the sustainability and education of their community’s children. So we’re out to help.

Draw or scrawl something cool you learnt at school on your coffee cup. Leave it with us in-store or upload a picture to our Facebook page. The more cups, the more we can donate to PoP who fund the education of children in our producer’s communities (or… Guatemala). Help us reach our goal amount today!  (So it’s not unlimited donations, the amount of cups could just help reach $ targets which are based on sales)


  • Share a Cuppa. Ideas and knowledge are often shared around a table, over a ‘cuppa’ (Australian slang for ‘cup of’) coffee or tea. When you:

- Buy a coffee in-store

- Buy coffee from us online

- Make a donation through our website (can be facilitated through Facebook too)

You can choose to share a cuppa.

Essentially you buy another ‘cup of coffee’ (or coffees if you’re feeling generous) and the funds are donated to educating the children of our coffee producers in Guatemala.

Every time you donate a cuppa you’ll receive a side of knowledge. In-store this could be a cool touch screen / interactive component next to the register, or a small note you get from the Barista. Online this could be a Facebook application that lends itself to sharing (share your interesting fact… ask your friends to have a cuppa with you…).


  • Pencil Me In. Pencils are often used flippantly. Often to tentatively schedule a meeting in or be non-committal when we’re busy. But what if pencils meant more than this? What if they meant a world of education and inspiration previously unknown? During (MONTH) we’re asking you to pencil PoP in your diaries.  When you’re grabbing that coffee in between meetings, remember to pencil PoP in and donate.

In addition to the side biscuit, coffee companies can provide a side pencil with coffee orders leading to a website for more info to donate.

Similarly all online orders could receive a free pack of pencils with a CTA leading to a website for more info.


Like some others… I didn’t quite have time for the 25 ideas. Or for any awesome mind map re-creations, or any other images. They are all on my desk in a giant heap, which I did consider uploading a photo of, but have spared you.


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