Draw anything in 3 simple steps!

Draw anything in 3 simple steps! - student project

Drawing anything is kind of a challenge for me. I feel like I do better with solids than linework so this is always a good place to push myself for improvement. ;) 

I picked things that I think are fun and would like to be better at drawing. I also chose to work digitally so I can practice with the Wacom tablet and drawing right into Photoshop. (You can tell by the not-round-wheels that I can use as much practice as possible hahaha) XD

First up, a super cute scooter! I'm secretly a total gearhead and I SO love vintage transportation in all shapes and sizes. This little beaut is a 1956 Triumph Contessa. It took three tries before I came up with a first shape breakdown that felt right - I kept getting distracted with details!

Draw anything in 3 simple steps! - image 1 - student project


Next, a puppy! In perspective! Uggggghhhh both things I need practice with. I had such a dickens of a time getting his eyes to not look super-creepy. Maybe next time I just practice eyes? Hm.


Draw anything in 3 simple steps! - image 2 - student project


Thanks for this workshop, Yasmina! As always, you are full of helpful information and share it in the clearest way so it makes sense. Thank you so much! :) Now more practice (and more, and more...) 

Brigitta Nagy
Production Artist / Illustrator