Draw and then eat

Draw and then eat - student project


I liked sooo much this class, was amaaaazing.

Specially when you simplify the photos "this is a rectangle, I can do that... and then these vertical lines and then a curve", thaaaat is the reason why I liked so much the lessons.


Here is my practice:


Draw and then eat - image 1 - student project


I didn't like the shape of the cup but for the sake of continue the class and learn the loose and quick paint i didn't judge too much the paint


Draw and then eat - image 2 - student project


I liked that I can see the pencil lines in the watercolor, in this one I think the black could be more wet so that the liquid looks more loose.

Draw and then eat - image 3 - student project

In this one I liked so much your technique:  put some paint and blend with water, I'll try it.


Draw and then eat - image 4 - student project


This Agave Piña looks nice


Draw and then eat - image 5 - student project


I noticed that I liked to do my paintings like the croissant: a mix of some details and loose (the shadows)


Draw and then eat - image 6 - student project


I don't like too much my pizza, kind of burned buuut, I like sooo much my pie! The highlights, fiuuu, amaaazing!!


Draw and then eat - image 7 - student project


This one Amy, omg, before I had never painted food or drinks and YOU HELP ME TO DO IT AND ACHIEVE SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!!  




My project was a couple of drinks:



Draw and then eat - image 8 - student project


That orange inside the glass was difficult!!


Draw and then eat - image 9 - student project

I think i needed more water to do the blending

Draw and then eat - image 10 - student project

Oh god, I struggle on painting some white/yellow light drink

Draw and then eat - image 11 - student project

I liked this one <3   but I didn't know how to draw the ice on the top, any suggestion, Amy?


Draw and then eat - image 12 - student project

Uhhh this is ugly, I don't know what happened... supposed to be orange but ends with a red shadow?  jajajaja


Draw and then eat - image 13 - student project

I liked this one, now I'm interested in learning how to paint more drinks! Especially the white ones!


Draw and then eat - image 14 - student project

And thiiiis, I liked sooo much the texture in the water, those strokes, the loose style.  Yeah, I think that I did some kind of loose style on it.


I didn't paint in 5 minutes, maybe 10 or a little more but now I want to go to a cafe and paint the drink or the dessert before the ice melts or the flies arrive. Maybe with that short time I can paint more loosely.


The only thing that matters is that I know how to draw glasses and food !! I've never done it and I feel more confident to do it!  :D


Thanks sooo much, Amy ;)


Gracias <3  


P.S.  I like the "broken lines" that you did in the class on how to draw a glass, are there tips for that kind of style?  I have been looking what is the name but I couldn't find anything. 

Andrea Rico
Watercolors and Procreate