Draw a simple face

Draw a simple face - student project

Another enjoyable afternoon. A few problems with my water colour paper not behaving in the same way as demonstrated hence watermarks across her face. Another important learning curve and of course the knowledge that as a beginner my efforts are not going to be as wonderful as the tutors! I’ll repeat this with a different face and try different paper too. Adding the blue background was a big decision right at the end. I have an aversion to seeing any white paper around a portrait. I took before and after photos and will be interested to hear anyone’s opinion.

For myself, I am happy with the blue and feel it has completed the painting with a finishing touch. She is called Madame Shadellebelly which was a nickname we affectionately gave to our daughter in her teenage years when she seemed to expect to be waited on hand and foot.

(The process drawing were the rough sketches that I tend to do on the back of old envelopes these days)

Draw a simple face - image 1 - student projectDraw a simple face - image 2 - student projectDraw a simple face - image 3 - student project